Gemstone jewellery to inspire you

Before I created Gems Inspirations, I attended several craft fairs and saw that the jewelry was made with cheap materials and often fell apart by the end of the night.

Then one day one of my friends who was into spiritual healing had bought a crystal pendant necklace from jewellers and it had fell apart. She had took it back for repairs several time. But it continued to fall apart and so she could not wear it. She had put it in a box in a draw unable to wear it.

Then one day I had made a Viking weave necklace  with wire wrapped pendant and was showing my friends what I had created and she asked me if I could take a look at her pendant, to see if I could repair it.

The pendant was set in substandard materials and I repair the necklace with top quality materials. The necklace is now worn everyday and that was 5 years ago.

So I started to sell jewelry to work colleges and work had spread around. I started to get commission orders and my friends prompted me to sell on-line, set up website

My daughter was expecting her first child and had a bad pregnancy and then along came baby Isabel. My daughter was then diagnosed with  Fibromyalgia is a long-term (chronic) condition. 

My daughter is an inspiration as she as sever Fibromyalgia and as to walk with walking stick. She never moans about the pain and just gets on with life to the best of her ability. As well as bring up my granddaughter Izzy. Who is well manner and well behaved 3 year old with old head on her shoulders just like her mum.

So I had made my daughter some bracelets to cheer her up and one of the bracelets had magnetic haematite.  Which I have forgot about its magnetic properties.  After wearing the bracelet for a few days she commented that it had helped her to take the swelling down in fingers and was able to use her fingers again.